Niedernhall - Dreadmum

the Mother of Dreads

I would like to present our location in 74676 Niedernhall.

My mum started dreading in 2014. Since I love traveling and also getting new Dreadkult jewellery creations for you around the world, I found my reliable holiday replacement in my mother.So even if I am on the road, your Dreads are in good hands with her.

Dreadlocks in Öhringen, Dreadlocks in KünzelsauToday, all your Dreadlock Extensions are created here in Niedernhall. This is how the history of this location actually began, because the demand for fair and good human hair dreadlock extensions has increased so much that I couldn’t keep up with their creation myself. And thus the Mother of Dreads was born. My mom’s extensions are probably the cleanest and finest dreadlock extensions you can get for this price. New at this location: Poppy Dreads – handmade and professionally woven in.

People from the Künzelsau/Hohenlohe region are at the right place to fulfill their dreadlock Dream.

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Here you can see some works by Dreadfarm Niedernhall