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Hello friends & welcome to Dreadfarm Stuttgart!

For many years I have been working hard to fulfil as many people dreams of dreadlocks here in Stuttgart. It gives me the greatest pleasure to see the radiance and gratitude in the faces of my clients, after we have finally realized this dream of having dreadlocks.

Dreadlocks by Dreadfarm in Stuttgart

My name is Anton and I have been doing dreadlocks in Stuttgart area for many years. Since I have always been told only good about my abilities, I decided a long time ago not only to take care of the dread heads of my friends 😉

Dreadlocks Created by Me look like Dreadlocks from Day 1! You can see this result of my work in the gallery section. I use a backcomb and crochet method. I create your dreadlocks and tame your felt when you are dissatisfied, or you need help to start your dread journey. I also offer dreadlock extensions made out of human hair. So if you want to spare yourself all the effort or the usually disappointing walk to an hairdresser, with me you get professional dreadlocks!

I could have saved myself the money at the Hairdresser at that time. I would have liked to have someone who Me doing Dreadlocks in Stuttgartwould have saved me from nonsense. An absolutely disappointing result after 8 hours in the shop and relieved by 200€, my hair did not look remotely like dreads. Only completely lubricated with wax, sewn with wool (!?) and far too few dreads. After three days of washing, combing, re-matting and crocheting, I finally had dreadlocks-looking hair.

A happy coincidence made me meet a great person, named Adam, at Summerjam 2009. This has given my dreads the necessary finishing touch and taught me my tried-and-tested crochet technique. I then painstakingly perfected my dreadlocks over years with the learned technique.

Another coincidence was getting to know my first Dread customer, without whom I would probably never have tried to create and maintain dreads, thank you Doreen. 🙂

So if you have received an interest in having dreadlocks made in Stuttgart, please contact us via the contact form.

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