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Is my hair suitable for dreadlocks?

Yes. Basically all types of hair are suitable for dreadlocks, some better than others but you can get beautiful dreadlocks from any kind of hair structure. With us your dreads will look like proper dreadlocks from day 1 in any case.

How long should my hair be for dreadlocks?

The longer you want your dreads to be, the longer your hair should be. If you want dreadlocks with extensions, they should be at least 7-10 cm long.

Will my hair get shorter by creating them?

Yes. How much shorter your hair will be depends on the structure and thickness of your hair. You have to reckon with at least 30%, often it will be about half the length. But hey, you have the option of human hair extensions, which will be incorporated into your dreads.

Where can I get the human hair extension?

That’s what we take care of. You send us pictures or a small strand of hair so that we can determine the right color for you. Experience has shown that most hair that you order yourself on the internet for cheap -surprise- are crap, often unsuitable or the dreads simply do not end up looking beautiful. That’s why we take care of this for you.

How do I wash and maintain my dreadlocks?

Everything you need to know to maintain your dreadlocks can be found here.

I already have dreadlocks, can you fix them up?

Of course! Dreadfarm Stuttgart also offers dreadlock maintenance. It doesn’t matter where and who made the locks and in what condition they are, you are guaranteed to leave Dreadfarm happy! After 2-5 hours everything is fixed and patched and you have beautiful Dreads again. The price varies according to condition of your locks, which can be approximately determined in advance by photos.

What if I wanna get rid of my dreadlocks?

Many people think you have to shave a bald head right away. Fortunately, this is not quite true and there are two more options: -Stop crocheting at the base and any kind of fixing. Then you can just cut the dreads off at some point. -Comb out your dreadlocks: A painful mission that should be done with a wagonload of hair conditioner. It is recommended to cut off the totally matted area (usually the lower third) and then start combing. From time to time, apply a new rinse of conditioner. You can’t really tell how broken your hair is in advance though. Afterwards, off to the hairdresser who will put a hairstyle on your head again.

How much will my dream of Dreadlocks cost?

This varies greatly from your desires, here are some factors that determine the price: The length of your hair, how thick or thin the dreadlocks should be, whether you want to have extensions or not and how much time for the work is necessary. Please send us your ideas via the contact form in order to calculate the approximate costs. A picture of your current hairstyle makes it much easier for us to determine the price. Crochet tips and care instructions are of course included!

How do I prepare for my appointment?

Please take a look at the preparation and expiration section. That makes it easier for us and yourself.

Where can I get Dread jewellery?

At your appointment at Dreadfarm you will find a large selection of dread beads and other treasures from the jewellery assortment. Have a look around at dreadkult.de also.

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