First information: Please have a look at the preparation and FAQs in advance, so that we can answer your first questions and you know about what to expect.

How do I contact you?

You can use our Dreadfarm contact form to express your wishes and make an appointment. Try to describe as many details as possible regarding your desires for Dreadlocks creation, maintenance, extension etc. This makes it easier for us to calculate the approximate costs for you. Together we will then find the right appointment date for you.

Where does the appointment take place?

At our Dreadfarm oasis in Stuttgart-Giebel under the walnut tree or in the cosy living room, in Niedernhall or in Köln/Bergischen Land in 53804 Much (or for NRW by arrangement at your home).

How long will my appointment at Dreadfarm take?

The duration varies greatly according to your wishes. If you would like to maintain your dreads, you can plan on about 2-4 hours depending on length and condition of your dreads. It can take 5-10 hours for new dreads and extensions. Your dreadlocks will look like dreadlocks from day one. Dreads are however a process and are only properly matted after 3-6 months.

How does the appointment work?

Bring enough time and patience, beautiful stories, anticipation and a smile on your face. Pain insensitivity also won’t harm. If you like to bring something to nibble with you go ahead, otherwise we can always order a Pizza.

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