What do I have to consider before my appointment at Dreadfarm Stuttgart?

How long must my hair be for dreadlocks?

Basically, the longer the hair, the longer your dreadlocks. In order to create dreads for you, your hair should be at least 7-10 cm long. Depending on your desires we can then add human hair extensions.

How do I prepare my hair for my appointment at Dreadfarm?

If you want, try to replace your shampoo with curd soap, for example. Stop using conditioner completely. It is always important to rinse well! This will make your hair felt faster and the dreadlocks more beautiful. This basically means: the more broken or dry your hair the better! The easier your hair can be dreaded, the faster we are finished with your dreadlocks.

Should I wash my hair before my appointment?

Please wash and dry your hair or dreadlocks before your appointment. Dreading greasy and wet hair is no fun or is only possible to a limited extent.

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