How do I wash my dreadlocks?

The question of all questions. YES, dreadlocks can and should be washed! Once a week is sufficient. The rest of the time you can simply leave them alone and save a lot of time and effort without blow-drying, smoothing, laying, styling! Because with your dreads „Bad Hair Days“ are over, you automatically have the coolest of all hairstyles! There is a simple rule of thumb: as soon as your hair gets greasy, please wash it. Oily hair doesn’t mat well.

Which shampoo do I use for my dreadlocks?

Rule number 1: no conditioner, other softeners or silicones. For a better matting process you can use an anti-grease shampoo or for example a Dead Sea Salt shampoo. Observe your dreads and your scalp for a while and see if the shampoo is good for you or not. It is important to rinse the dreads well after washing (!!!)

Should I use curd soap for dreadlocks?

A controversial topic. Many swear on it, others reject it consistently. Since curd soap reacts alkaline and leads to the degreasing of the skin, this is especially suitable at the beginning. After the first 2 months you can put it away though. Otherwise, you can quickly overshoot the goal of optimal matting, the dreads become brittle and may no longer look so beautiful. Also: always rinse well!

Why does my scalp itch from dreadlocks?

Especially new dreadlocks can cause itchy and irritated scalp, because your scalp has to get used to the change. A Dead Sea salt shampoo is particularly suitable in this case since it calms your scalp. Also tea tree oil with water diluted can help.

Can I use wax for my dreads?

please do not use it at all! Wax in dreadlocks is only suitable for Afro hair. If you don’t have them, please don’t touch wax. But honestly even with Afrikan Hair you don’t need it.

How can I fix my dreadlocks?

We will show you how to crochet your dreads yourself. All you need is a crochet hook and some skills. Should you not be able to cope with this, you can of course make a next appointment to fix your dreads at Dreadfarm.

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