Dreadfarm South Africa

Dreadfarm South Africa

I’d like you to meet a dear friend: This is Lemos from South Africa. He lives in Mdumbi on the Wild Coast. When I travelled through South Africa two years ago, I came to one of the most beautiful places on earth and stayed there for a whole month.  Lemos and his family welcomed me so warmly and to give back to them, I taught Lemos how to make dreadlocks.

Dreadlocks in South Africa Mdumbi
dreadlock project in south africa

There are many Rastas in the area, but nobody really knew how to take care of them. The journey to the next city is long and expensive, only a few people own a car and hardly anyone can afford to get their locks fixed. It wasn’t about making the world a better place, but about giving a person and a family a perspective.  Lemos came and learned with pleasure how to make dreads.

I also learned a lot there myself. It felt like nearly half the village had gotten our dreadlocks and so did surfers and backpackers travelling through. I noticed that with a few small adjustments my technique can easily be applied to African hair.

Even when I returned to Mdumbi a year later, I could see that he is still busy doing Dreads, which made me very happy. I am already looking forward to our next meeting.

How can you support this project?

In my dreadshop Dreadkult.de there is a „surprise Dread jewellery set“ available for purchase which is equipped with dread beads from South Africa and other treasures of my collection. The proceeds will go to Lemos and the expansion of the Dreadfarm South Africa.

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Of course you can also combine your surfing holiday in Mdumbi, South Africa with a visit to Lemos 🙂