Die Dreadfarm - Ein Traum

Dreadfarm: Like a dream that just came true. Dreadfarm finally gets his farm.
I guess I couldn’t post it before because I didn’t want to admit it. Thank you dearest Res and Laisa for the loving reception.
After the founding of the Dreadfarm and the search for the name for my mini-company from Stuttgart North, I manifested the naming of the Dreadfarm, finally the dreadfarm got it’s Farm
Merci, dear ones, who have supported me for years. Big love to everyone who has accompanied me part of my way or a little bit more.

Come by my dears, get out of the city for a moment and enjoy nature and tranquility. It is a green piece of paradise and 20 minutes from the main station of Stuttgart.
To get in the mood for a more relaxed life, come and have your dreadlocks crocheted again.
Have a wonderful weekend. one love